Bemco's most popular series, the ultra-premium Posture Sleep Set Collection ranges from firm to ultra-plush. It features the unique Posture Zone® Suspension System, an advanced sleep technology to help you enjoy healthy sleep. The Posture Zone Suspension System consists of these key elements:

  • The unique Posture Zone Surface with luxurious, premium grade upholstery and insulation layers
  • The Posture Zone Innerspring designed to provide heavy duty strength in the center and edges of the bedding. This prevents center/border breakdown where your body weight is concentrated
  • The Torsion BeamTM Mattress border to provide excellent durability and strength

The result is a firmer, stronger mattress construction which offers outstanding comfort, support, and structural integrity. It sets Bemco apart from the competition and helps you enjoy healthy sleep!

The Mattress of Tomorrow... Today!®


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